CR Helps You Execute To Meet Your Goals

Through our relationship with CR Computer, we have been able to streamline our operations by implementing the latest technological hardware, software and service solutions, making us capable of operating faster and in a more cost-effective manner. CR’s white glove service and intimate knowledge of our organizational needs has been critical. As we have grown, CR has steered us in the right direction constantly giving us an edge over our competitors. I can say this, if you have a vision for the growth of your organization, CR will help you execute and operate in a way that will help you attain all your goals.

Donald Middleton Jr. President
Middleton Environmental

CR Resolves Each And Every Issue

The CR Team is extremely responsive.  This is the first IT company I have worked with that clearly wants to ensure the Customer is completely satisfied and doing it in an expeditious manner.  The entire staff at CR are extremely professional, yet friendly.  They are never dismissive of any issues that we present and ALWAYS resolve each and every issue! The employees of CR are extremely knowledgeable and capable of handling any issue presented. We have been 110% happy with the service provided by CR Computer.

Barbara Giordano President
BNF Contractors, Inc.

CR Provides a Sense Of Security

One of the biggest benefits to my organization must be the sense security. I have never experienced a company so thorough where every employee has the brain of an IT aficionado and has the heart of a teacher, who will walk you thru and explain every IT situation in layman’s terms. With that kind of support, you can’t help but be secure in knowing you have the best equipment, the best protection, the best advice and the best service to assist you in getting business done. If you want to sleep well at night …Choose CR.

Michael Broderick CIO
JC Broderick

CR Computer Makes Your Business Flow Seamlessly

 In this age of cyber threats there is nothing more reassuring than having a company with the technical expertise of CR Computer. Companies like ours are in the business of delivering quality healthcare. Besides our knowledge, our database is vital to our ability to deliver quality services to our patients. Without the backing and reassurance of CR, we could be literally like a ship that is dead in the water.

Communication, whether in healthcare or in IT is crucial within any business relationship. Of tantamount importance is having the proper people with the knowledge to carry out the needs within IT. We have had companies in the past who were good but none of them could match the granular expertise that CR exhibits daily. CR is in the background, protecting you from everything. You and your company will be assured that all your business operations related to your IT systems will flow seamlessly from day to day. If there are any changes needed or if there are any suggestions that will improve things, CR will be there. CR is there to keep you up and running. There is always a good reason for what they are recommending.

Dr. Cleadous Murphy, MD President
Contemporary Medical Group

CR Does IT Better Than Any Other IT Company

 CR Computer consistently impresses us with the security and the customer service we get. They just seem to do everything better than any other IT company we’ve worked with, their response time, updates, recommendations, they are always up to date on the latest technology and notify us of viruses to be on the lookout for and they are always there to answer any questions we have or help in any way.

Everyone is very nice, knowledgeable, helpful, quick response to any issues. You won't regret it.

Scott Mirabella Fund Administrator
Suffolk County

CR Computer Always Delivers

CR Computer has been providing IT services to LMGI for eighteen (18) years and has enabled LMGI to meet strict New York State technology and security requirements enabling us to consistently obtain State Contracts. Prior to CR I dealt with other IT people who did not deliver on their promises CR Computer always delivers and is always available to help me with my computer issues. In sum, I would highly recommend CR Computer to any business, especially a small business owner.

John Baner President
LMGI, Ltd.
Retired NYPD Detective Squad Sergeant

With CR We Have An Army To Resolve Our Issues

With CR Computer instead of having a single in house IT Specialist on our staff, we have an army that quickly resolves our issues. CR Computer is much more responsive then other IT firms we’ve worked with. A live person always answers the call and help desk tickets are promptly addressed.

With CR we have a team of IT professionals that are committed to understanding and supporting our business.

Joseph Sordi Senior Vice President
Strategic Security Corp
Retired NYPD Strategic Response Group Sergeant

CR Makes Us Feel Like We Are Their Only Clients

We trust CR Computer with all our IT needs because of their upfront communication, prompt response time, forward thinking, and reliability. I know I can count on CR to be responsive, provide accurate quotes, stay ahead schedule, protect us from possible malicious activities, but most importantly CR has partnered with us and made us feel like we are their only clients. CR is a partner that provides much more than just IT, CR always has a solutions and a vested interest in a positive outcome for our organization.

Robert Monti Chief Operating Officer
Renu Contracting and Restoration

CR Not Only Knows IT Systems, But They Know Our IT Systems

Working with CR, I have the confidence in knowing that our IT infrastructure is 100% reliable and our data is secure. I sleep well at night, knowing I do not have to worry about those issues and that is priceless. CR’s responsiveness and personalized service is a step above any other IT Company we’ve worked with.  I am very confident that CR not only knows IT systems, but more importantly, they know OUR IT system. CR is a great partner in this regard. CR is not one of those IT vendors that only calls when something goes wrong, they are a strategic technology partner, with your business, takes the time to understand the specific needs of your business and customizes their services to you.

Frank Castellano President
Castleton Environmental Geologic Services, DPC

We Trust CR To Handle Our Issues

Working with CR has made our lives easier, they solve our day to day IT issues and take the lead with our other venders as well. We trust that they handle our projects and keep us informed, we know we never need to babysit them. This gives a lot of time back to our team. CR’s response time is incredible, they handle most inquiries on the spot and are great at prioritizing requests and keeping us in the loop all the way through to resolution and follow up to make sure we are satisfied.

Manny Defreitas Owner
Defreitas and Minsky LLp.

CR Gives Us Peace Of Mind

Since CR started managing my IT, I feel that I have Peace of mind knowing that our entire computer system is secure and up to date. Where CR really shines over other IT Companies we’ve worked with is that we have instant access to their staff including ownership. They are smart, competitive, and provide us with complete support. The truth is, I have no criticisms.

Ralph Agnone Owner
Qualified Fasteners